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Staff Affair Department

Staff Affair

Activities of Staff Affair Department

  1. Fill in and edit information on monthly staff list
  2. Providing transfer and promotion of all officials
  3. Providing extension and leave for all officials
  4. Provide necessary training for all officials
  5. Preparation and delivery of ground inventory
  6. Compilation of office furniture inventory
  7. Receiving inventory from companies and providing necessary services
  8. Provide pension matters for all officials
  9. To provide all officials with honorary badges
  10. Maintain the staff book of all officials and fill in the required information
  11. E-mail entry and exit must be notified to the relevant departments
  12. Carrying out planning and meeting minutes
1Daw AhpyoneStaff OfficerStaff affair Dep
2Daw Maw Maw AyeStaff OfficerStaff affair Dep
3Daw Aye Aye SanBranch ClerkStaff affair Dep
4Daw Thin Thin WaiJunior ClerkStaff affair Dep