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Students’ Affair Department

Activities of the Student Affairs Department

  1. Carrying out admission and enrollment matters
  2. Carrying out subsidy matters
  3. Carrying out roll call matters
  4. Registration of student profiles
  5. Performing foreign scholarships for outstanding students
  6. Conducting training activities (A.G.T.I training, CBSC training, Polytechnic training)
  7. Carrying out scores and issuance of certificates
  8. Citizenship screening for third year A.G.T.I courses
  9. Examination activities (first half, second half)
  10. Carrying out accounting matters
1Daw Soe Soe NweStaff OfficerStudent Affair Department
2Daw Ohmar ThinJunior ClerkStudent Affair Department
3U Nay Win KhaingStudent Affair Department