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Staff Affair

Activities of Staff Affair Department

  1. Fill in and edit information on monthly staff list
  2. Providing transfer and promotion of all officials
  3. Providing extension and leave for all officials
  4. Provide necessary training for all officials
  5. Preparation and delivery of ground inventory
  6. Compilation of office furniture inventory
  7. Receiving inventory from companies and providing necessary services
  8. Provide pension matters for all officials
  9. To provide all officials with honorary badges
  10. Maintain the staff book of all officials and fill in the required information
  11. E-mail entry and exit must be notified to the relevant departments
  12. Carrying out planning and meeting minutes

All Officials Lists

Staff Affair

1Dr. Thida SwePrincipal
2.U Han Win Aung Head of Department (Admin/Budget)
1Daw Ei Ei PhyoAssociate ProfessorCivil Engineering Department
2Daw Khin Ohmar MyintLecturerCivil Engineering Department
3Daw Thet Wai KhaingLecturerCivil Engineering Department
4Daw Su Su AyeAssociate LecturerCivil Engineering Department
5Daw Su Latt MonTutorCivil Engineering Department
6Daw Khin Phyo KyawTutorCivil Engineering Department
7Daw Yin Phoo Phoo ThaweIndustrial Expert(4)Civil Engineering Department
8Daw Hnin Ei PhyoIndustrial Expert(5)Civil Engineering Department
1Daw Su Su Chan Myae LecturerElectronics Engineering Department
2Daw San San WinAssistant LecturerElectronics Engineering Department
3Daw Thazin HtunAssistant LecturerElectronics Engineering Department
4Daw Kyawt San YinAssistant LecturerElectronics Engineering Department
5Daw Poei Myat PhyuTutorElectronics Engineering Department
6U Han Htet SoeLaboratory Expert(3)Electronics Engineering Department
7Daw Kaphwar May OoLaboratory Expert(4)Electronics Engineering Department
8Daw Shwe Zin HtayLaboratory Expert(4)Electronics Engineering Department
1Daw Pa Pa ZawAssociate ProfessorElectrical Power Engineering Department
2Daw Chaw Su KhaingLectureElectrical Power Engineering Department
3Daw Hnin Nu Nu SoeLectureElectrical Power Engineering Department
4Daw Nay Nwe SoeLectureElectrical Power Engineering Department
5Daw Shwe HlaingLectureElectrical Power Engineering Department
6Daw Pa Pa HtunAssistant LectureElectrical Power Engineering Department
7U Yan Naing LinnTutorElectrical Power Engineering Department
8Daw Yin Yin PhyoAssistant LectureElectrical Power Engineering Department
9Daw Khin Htar OoAssistant LectureElectrical Power Engineering Department
10Daw Nyin Nyin SanLaboratory Expert(1)Electrical Power Engineering Department
11U Pyae Phyo AungLaboratory Expert(4)Electrical Power Engineering Department
12Daw Ju Ju Htun YeeLaboratory Expert(4)Electrical Power
1U Than SoeLecturerMechanical Engineering Department
2Daw Nug War OoLecturerMechanical Engineering Department
3Daw San San HtweAssistant LecturerMechanical Engineering Department
4Daw Khin Saw PhyuAssistant LecturerMechanical Engineering Department
6U Yan Min AungAssistant LecturerMechanical Engineering Department
7U Kyaw Win NaingAssistant LecturerMechanical Engineering Department
8U Aung Nyein OoLaboratory Expert(4)Mechanical Engineering Department
9Daw Khin Mar HtayLaboratory Expert(4)Mechanical Engineering Department
1Daw Myint Myint ThetAssociate ProfessorEnglish (Academic Department)
2Daw Myat Yu Ya SanLecturerEnglish (Academic Department)
3Daw Khin Pa Pa Min LecturerEnglish (Academic Department)
4Daw Yu Yu MoeAssistant LecturerEnglish (Academic Department)
5Daw Hnin Yee HlaingLecturerMathematics (Academic Department)
6Daw Moe Thu KhaingLecturerPhysics (Academic Department)
7Daw Su Mon Mon ZawAssistant LecturerPhysics (Academic Department)
8Daw Than Than WinLecturerChemistry (Academic Department)
9Daw Zin Mar OoAssistant LecturerChemistry (Academic Department)
10Daw Khin Su ThetTutorMyanmar (Academic Department)
11Daw Zin Mar AungAssistant LecturerMyanmar (Academic Department)
1Daw ApyoneStaff OfficerStaff Affair Department
2Daw Maw Maw Aye Staff OfficerStaff Affair Department
3Daw Aye Aye SanBranch ClerkStaff Affair Department
5Daw Thin Thin WaiJunior ClerkStaff Affair Department
1Daw Kyawt Kyawt KhaingStaff OfficerStudent Affair Department
2Daw Soe Soe NweStaff OfficerStudent Affair Department
5Daw Ohmar ThinJunior ClerkStudent Affair Department
1Daw Myo Myo ThetHead of DivisionFinance Department
2Daw Kyawt Kyawt KhaingOfficerFinance Department
3Daw Tint Tint KhaingAccountant (4)Finance Department
4U Aung Ko MinnJunior ClerkFinance Department
5Daw Mi Mi LwinJunior ClerkFinance Department
No. Name PositionDepartment
1U Han OoStaff OfficerDepartment of Territory
2U Nay Win KhaingDriver (5)Department of Territory
2U Win NaingDriver (5)Department of Territory
3U Tun Tun TarSecurity Man (5)Department of Territory
4U Myint AungSecurity Man (5)Department of Territory
5U Htay WinGarden WorkerDepartment of Territory
6Daw Khin Mar YeeSweeper (1)Department of Territory
7Daw Win Mar LarSweeper (1)Department of Territory